About me...


  In a mix of blood from different cultures and generations of strong women, I was born and raised in a good family in which respect and good manners were the basis of my education. This has allowed me to respect other people and accept all our differences.Naturally sweet and always smiling, I grew up as a very easy-going person with a strong will but always believing that the world is a wonderful place to be and life is our own miracle!!!Although also very curious and hungry for knowledge and new experiences, the act of giving pleasure allows me to feel and have it in return, enjoying the intensity of each moment.I love sports and adventure and meeting new people because I always learn something new. I love to spend time listening to other people’s perspective of life and their own experiences because it allows me to open my mind to new horizons and in one way maybe understand better the meaning of life.




So what to expect of the time that you’ll spend with me...


Being with someone that is going to be there with you, listening to you, creating debates, talking about theories of life or simply talking about how your day was while I look into your eyes.

Not shy at all, ready to make your desires come true and make you really feel the intensity of the human touch and interaction in such a smooth way that you`ll come out of our time together with the feeling that we have been lovers for many many years!!!

And as a final touch, after the flame of pleasure and desire I will massage your body just to make sure that you`ll leave relaxed.  For a certain time you’ll feel as if you had entered into a different world, one in which you’ll always want to remember my naughty smile and the lure to come back!!!

© 2015 by  Maria de Montreal.